Mendax Leasing Options (Lease to own)

Mendax Micro offers simple and effective leasing options. Leasing services are not only valid for Mendax computers and servers but for everything you find on our web site. All leasing options are based on a lease to own basis.

For standard leasing options where you return the equipment after a number of years (or months), please look at our renting options.

We offer 2 types of leasing options.

  1. Regular leases thru financial institutions
  2. MFS – Mendax Financial Services (For Mendax Servers and computers only)

Regular Leases:

  • Step 1: Mendax Micro has implemented a automatic leasing system directly on our web site. After you’ve added your server (or server and equipment) to your shopping cart simply choose the option to lease the equipment at the top right section of the page (click on “lease”) and the system will automatically convert your sale price to the lease cost per month amount. Most companies will require you to purchase a minimum amount in order to lease; the minimum amount differs from one company to the next but usually stands around $2000.00. You can view the lease option and your shopping cart on this page: My cart

  • Step 2: On this screen, the system will show you different companies that will lease the equipment to you with their price per month, buyback options and application fees. On this screen you will also be able to see what your total cost per month will be based on 12, 24 or 36 month lease terms. Once you have determined who you would like to lease with (by putting a checkmark next to the leasing company) you will be able to proceed to the next step. Basically in this stage, you are telling Mendax where to send your lease application. If you choose more than 1 company, your lease application will be sent to both (or all) companies. At that point you can simply wait to hear from them and make your decision according to how fast they get back to you and what they’ve got to offer.

  • Step 3: Once you proceed with your order, depending if you are an existing user with a lease application on file, the system will direct you’re to the following step. If you have a lease application on file you will simply complete your transaction. If you are new or do not have a lease application on file, the system will ask you to fill one out online. Please make sure to fill this application properly in order to avoid delays. You application will be saved and will be accessible to you for later updates.

  • Step 4: After completing the lease application, you will continue with your checkout process and complete your online transaction. Once completed, we will contact you in a matter of hours; usually within 24 hours

MFS - Mendax Financial Services:

One of the main reasons you would go with MFS would be to skip all the usual credit checks, applications and delays associated with leasing companies. If approved, you will proceed with no credit verification and usually within 30 minutes. MFS approves for 12 month lease terms only. Payments are usually by pre authorized credit cards or post dated checks.

How to get approved with MFS? It’s easy – if you are a well qualified customer, government institution (USA or Canada) or education, we will approve you right away. You may also apply if you a re a long standing Mendax client.

However MFS has an advantage over all other financial institutions when it comes to approving credit to clients with poor credit history, no credit history or startups. If you are a new company with no credit history or a brand new startup, under special MFS terms, we will approve you.

How it works is very simple. Mendax has designated data centers across the country where your server will remain in a “property of Mendax” cabinet until the last payment is completed. Once your last payment is made, we ship you the server. Mendax has special deals with these data centers where cabinet cost and bandwidth will be competitive. MFS terms are also quite flexible, you have no contract, you can quit anytime and return the server(s) with no balance owing, no headaches and you will leave on good terms. Obviously using this type of service will not be possible for anyone requiring their server (or computer) in house. Although this may not be the best option to you, but in recent years we found out that this options works. It will get you going right away with minimal investment.

MFS does not require you to fill out any applications, if you would like to go with MFS, simply send an email to .

Mendax reverse the right to refuse anyone for credit under the MFS terms.