eCommerce & Web Solutions

Your business can profit from the growing prevalence of online shopping with eCommerce platforms easily accessible for your eCommerce website. The result is websites that meet the growing expectations of online shoppers and grabs their attention. :

We develop eCommerce solutions through three distinct phases


Planning and strategy

During this phase, we learn about your business to understand how it functions


Design and development

Next we move onto the prototype of the structure of your site. Quality assurance and troubleshooting are major parts of this stage.


Continuous service

We provide prompt and continuous professional service after your site goes live to ensure you have immediate support from our team.

Having experts in design, technical development, and marketing in one place creates a concerted strategy to help us better understand and achieve your goals.

Web Site Design and Development

It’s no longer sufficient to design and build a website announcing your business to the world and assume it will attract and retain the attention of visitors. Businesses are now compelled to employ active Internet marketing strategies through web design and development. Without responsive web design solutions, your site becomes stagnant. At Mendax, we make sure that your website works for you.

Increasing Traffic and Enhancing Content Value

We have the experience necessary to create and develop a profitable and attractive website. By combining graphic design with Internet marketing, we can build a site that draws in visitors, keeps their interest, and inspires them to come back.

Increasing traffic and enhancing content value is simplified by a three-step process:
  • Uncover your targeted client base
  • Increase dynamic content value
  • Create a brand for product enhancement

Our professionals have the capability to manage your site from inception to finish. By designing, installing, and maximizing your website, we ensure that you are using the best strategies available to optimize your online presence

Social Media

Social media marketing services are everywhere, and they affect almost every walk of life, both on and offline. To achieve online business success, creating a social media strategy is a must because an active social media presence changes the way businesses operate. They are the perfect platform for interacting with the customers, understanding what they want, and helping you decide how to plan your products and services.

Social media solutions


Specifically designing ads for various platforms

  • The intention is to boost their effectiveness and accumulate more clicks across multiple social media platforms.


Shaping pages to encourage interaction

  • Web designers need to develop the websites and the social media pages of the companies to attract more interaction from potential and existing customers.


Driving target customers to your site

  • The designs should be crafted to drive the interaction with myriad customers on a routine basis.

Web designing for social media is essential to online business success. Creating an attractive website is also crucial to a prominent social presence. You need attractive designs to captivate your audience on your social profiles.